Many hospitals, especially those who accept public funding, are required to audit and verify all invoices on a monthly basis prior to receiving authorization for payment. This process, while required, is oftentimes cumbersome. Specifically, when it comes to telecom bills, many hospitals are actually printing out physical copies.

Can you imagine that? This process includes printing spreadsheets from PBXs. From here, they grab a marker and lock themselves in a room for days. This practice, which can only be described as “stare and compare” is tedious. Bill auditors manually evaluate documents by matching calls with records from their own switch.

To say this process is time consuming is an understatement. Not only is it a waste of resources, but it is also wrought with errors. So, what is a better solution? Streamlining the bill audit process is as simple as implementing a call accounting solution.

Unlike a Telecom Expense Management system, which only verifies carrier rates and charges, a call accounting solution accurately identifies actual calls, as well as confirms they were timed correctly. By managing telecom spend in this way, a hospital can ensure that they are not being overbilled.

On top of this, automating the bill audit process frees up valuable hospital resources. Instead of staff members locking themselves in a room to “stare and compare” bills against call records, they can be working for better ways to enhance the overall quality of the hospital.

Have you considered automating your bill auditing process?