Did You Know That 80% of Telecom Invoices Contain Errors?

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Telecom invoices are a lot trickier than they seem. Because of this, as many as 80% of all invoices are reported as having errors. Let that figure settle in, because that equals a lot of money. Whether your company is a victim of this or not is yet to be determined. But why take the gamble?

Many organizations are intimidated to find out if their telecom invoices are in fact mischarged. In an attempt to rectify this issue, some companies will squander time, money, and resources to have their employees dig through invoices in an attempt solve the problems.

Companies shouldn’t be afraid. And they shouldn’t try to audit or manage telecom expenses alone. There are professionals for this who can provide guidance and best practices in this area.

In general, you should be looking for an organization that has professionals who have experience working in the telecom industry. These experts will be able to dive deep into the matrix of your telecom invoices. By doing this, they can uncover savings that go beyond the ‘low-hanging fruit’, and institute changes that will make a real difference. Typically, you should be seeing around 10-35% of savings off your annual telecom spend. 

Telecom expense management is not only easy to implement, but it is extremely affordable (more so than you’d think). To put it simply, chances are high that you are overspending. And, chances are even higher that you can stop this problem today. 

Start by downloading a case study that features a company just like yours. The only difference is that we saved them thousands.

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