Controlling network communications costs has become increasingly difficult in the face of sophisticated technologies, vendor support problems, and a lack of resources and tools. With the surge of laptops, tablets, phones, apps, and software in the enterprise, there are more communication services and devices to manage within the network. Additionally, handling the multitude of changes occurring within the network of communication services is difficult. While the typical focus of a Telecom Audit is cost savings—a critical benefit for performing an audit—there are other equally important benefits that your organization will gain. Utilizing Audit and Optimization services can realize cost savings of as much as 35% plus a lot more.

What you can expect:

Telecom Audit and Optimization services concentrate on corrective actions to eliminate vendor contract non-compliance, billing errors, elimination of unused paid services, and the optimization of existing services. The approach is to evaluate all areas of unified communications services, provide detailed recommendations and requirements, and implement approved recommendations to ensure the rapid realization of immediate savings. In addition to the cost savings results of the audit, deliverables include a complete inventory of all billed services reviewed during the audit that will provide an organization with greater visibility of services at each of their locations.