What to Expect After the Telecom Audit

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The telecom audit provides a business with a snapshot of their organization, usually over the course of the previous six months. So what happens after the audit? How can a company be assured they won't fall down the rabbit hole again? Once companies figure out why their telecom expenses are out of control, they can begin to figure out how to fix it. The first step is determining the amount of money spent on telecom expenses. If that number is over a million dollars per year, investing in a telecom expense management (TEM) system is one way to start.

A TEM system, such as Infortel® Invoice Manager, can reduce the cost of voice, wireless and data communications by as much as 10% to 30% on an ongoing basis. TEM is a software platform that allows organizations to manage expenses tied to their telecom network.

ISI provides a means to help organizations analyze and pay telecom invoices. Utilizing auditing and productivity tools, Infortel Invoice Manager automates the cost allocation process, validates carrier charges, establishes automated invoice approval processes, and simplifies land-line and wireless procurement. TEM assists with inventory management and increases visibility of an organization's telecom spend which allows management to make more informed decisions. This helps identify where telecom expenses can be slashed or revised and provides organizations opportunities to generate cost savings that can be absorbed elsewhere.
If a TEM system is not the answer, there are other solutions that provide companies with metrics to measure telecom usage and manage costs. Installing a system that can provide robust call reporting and analytics will provide an organization the means to gather usable reporting data and make it available to end-users through a variety of reports and reporting interfaces to allow decision makers to make proper business decisions for their organization. Systems like Infortel® Select offer reports that can help meet the needs of any business.

Productivity reports provide information on the numbers of calls handled. Extension and call detail reports can help establish the call activity accumulated by specific extensions to help determine if a department is over- or under-staffed and if the call volume meets expectations. As IP-based communications continue to become the foundational choice of business communication networks, companies can use Infortel Select to determine optimal network bandwidth based on yearly, monthly, and daily metrics.
If a company is handcuffed by out-of-control telecom costs, a telecom audit is the surest way to turn things around. The savings will release funds for other projects, streamline budgeting, help establish more efficient processes by initiating, measuring and enforcing policy, and identify unused and underused telecom inventory. Audits will help companies identify fraudulent activities and potential. Whether it resulted from harmlessly overlooked telecom expenses, a lack of understanding of carrier fees, sub-par inventory management, or an overwhelming inheritance of inventory from a newly-acquired company, there is little debate that telecom costs can eat away at the very core of a company's bottom line.

Taking control of telecom expenses starts by tackling the primary problem: know what you have, see what the carrier is charging, validate your carrier charges, establish reporting analytics and metrics that will help you better manage your telecom costs, and gain efficiencies in your telecom life-cycle management. The only thing worse than an out-of-control telecom system is to do nothing about it.

A telecom audit saves money and time, and reduces the mean time to repair inventory. TEM systems combined with a robust call reporting and analytics system can then protect you from the telecom tornado in the future. If the goal is to generate savings, taming the telecom beast is the first step in achieving that goal.

Whether you have recently reaped the benefits of a telecom audit, or at the infancy stages of implementing one, we want to know how things are progressing. Keep us updated on how the process is positively affecting your business.
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