It has been said that sales is a war. There are winners, losers, soldiers, generals, and a few casualties along the way. If this analogy is true, then every agent needs to be equipped with the best arsenal possible. Chances are that there is a reason your agents are losing out on calls. Even worse, you may not know the cause…until now.

Every word counts in a sales opportunity. Unfortunately, while a single word can turn a customer away, it will take a lot more than one word to win them over. In order to identify where your agents are going wrong, you have to establish what the problems are.

Improving Your Voice
Your voice can help customers to trust you. A deep voice conveys authority, while a high-pitched voice suggests nervousness. People who speak slightly faster than normal are seen as competent and persuasive. Also, be sure to avoid fillers such as "um" and "uh," which convey uncertainty.

Improper Grammar
Nothing turns off a potential customer like misproper use of the English language. Of course, you could get lucky and your prospective client’s grasp of the language could be worse than yours.

If you really want to mess up your chances at success, practice these lines:

·      Me and my colleague are going to tell you why you need our product.

·      Myself and my partners have been in this business for years.

·      Him and me can answer all your questions in a moment.

Distracting Vocalized Pauses
When listening to someone speak, few things are as annoying as vocalized pauses. I mean, they’re like, you know, really annoying. They make you like wonder if, um, the speaker like really knows what he’s like talking about… ya know? Don't do this. 

Make Every Word Count
If you’ve hit a mental wall or lost your train of thought during a call, don’t fill the space with an “um” or an “uh” or a “ya know". Avoid these by knowing what you’re going to say beforehand. Don’t sound robotic or over rehearsed. As you begin to feel more comfortable with your words, they’ll flow more easily and you can eliminate the vocalized pauses from your speech altogether.

If you aren’t sure how to approach your agents on these “call killers”, then you need a solution for speech analytics. With Infortel Speech Analytics, users can automatically receive reports that score agents on words, pauses, repetition, and empathy. Want to learn more? Start by downloading our inforgraphic for "Top Words to Avoid on the Phone" and learn which words or phrases your sales team needs to be avoiding on their next phone call.

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