By now, you have seen the countless articles and videos touting ways to increase your sales, tips for improving your calls, and methods ensuring success. Up until now, your organization may have actively participated in the ritualistic practice. Heck, you may have even implemented a solution to record calls. But now, it is time to take your productivity initiatives to the next level.

Speech analytics is more than just a solution. It is an opportunity to transform an entire organization. It is the difference between listening and hearing. That's why unlocking the underlying factors of a call is so important. Analyzing the actual speech is beneficial for agent training, as well as customer service.

Call recordings can be evaluated, but identifying speech patterns is labor intensive and can produce inaccurate results. In order to discover the most information from a call, speech analytics can automatically score calls by identifying key phrases, words, or pauses that have a negative impact on success.

This information can then be used to create a training regimen that is personalized to individual agents. Specifics on how many times a word is used, when an agent failed to upsell, or if an agent isn't pitching correctly are all within reach by utilizing a speech analytics solution.

Beyond that, there are numerous benefits to improve customer service. Since the ultimate goal is to offer customers a better experience, users can leverage speech analytics to produce reports on which words or phrases are most positively received. The same can be done to identify words or phrases that most often turn customers off. On top of that, users can distinguish which agents are the best at turning around a negative experience, and use that information to coach others.

Speech analytics is the next step in customer satisfaction and agent training. Providing your agents with a list of keywords to avoid while on the phone is a good place to start. Unfortunately, it is difficult to properly monitor the usage of these words. Even using silent monitoring to listen to each agent's calls isn't ideal, as it is very labor intensive and can't be scaled.

Instead, consider a solution that will automatically notify you when these words are being used. Be able to handle coaching, quality assurance, and compliance...all at the same time. Take the first step by downloading our "Words to Avoid on the Phone", and start on the road to a more productive sales staff.

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