Day 2 of the Worldwide Partner Conference put an emphasis on the emerging opportunities ahead. The conversation focused on enterprise social technologies and the cloud integration of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Enterprise social plays a pivotal role in the modern business ecosystem. In the first day, there were 17,631 social media mentions of WPC 13, the partner channel, Microsoft and Surface. 

These mentions lead to an estimated 49.6 million impressions resulting from the 13,659 mentions on Twitter alone. To say enterprise social technology is changing the way businesses operate is an understatement. 

Building on this, Microsoft released a global survey of nearly 10,000 employees. The survey revealed the differences in how various sized companies purchase and adopt social tools, resulting in unique partner opportunities. The social landscape has well established benefits for companies both small and large. 

Despite the differences in size, nearly 50% of surveyed employees who use enterprise social tools indicate that it has increased their productivity. These results don’t counter previous survived results. But, when asked further, the same 50% suggested they would even use their own money to pay for such technologies! 

ISI, much in the same manner as Microsoft, realizes the true potential of enterprise social tools to expand business. Solutions like Yammer, SharePoint and Dynamics CRM show how Microsoft is leading the way towards the enterprise social revolution and is helping partners to quickly capitalize on the opportunity.

By releasing solutions such as Infortel® CRM Infuze, ISI stands firm to assist organizations to further expand the enterprise social model started by Microsoft with Dynamics CRM. Infuze works in harmony with Dynamics CRM to create a platform that allows for intelligent social interactions.

What are your thoughts on enterprise social? Has your company integrated any of Microsoft’s solutions yet? Let us know!