How Dynamic is Your Company?

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If you are using Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, then you are already aware of how the customer relationship management tool can impact your business. But, after much research, we discovered that many users were only scratching the surface of what Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers.

We realized that the ability to incorporate call data into existing customer contacts was absent. Also missing was the ability to link call recordings directly to contacts, and let users review the call itself from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In order to unlock all the potential of your CRM tool, you need Infortel® CRM Infuze™. Think of Infortel CRM Infuze as a bridge. It connects all the advanced abilities of call recording and call reporting, and integrates them directly in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Any employee, from anywhere in the world, will be connected to the CRM. When they make a call using their mobile clients, a record of the interaction is created. These records are then made available in the CRM to further update the records with notes, activities, or tasks.

Think of the possibilities. Not only will your workforce be invigorated to make calls on the go, but they will be ensured that all pertinent information is captured. Customer records will be robust, and provide a full picture of interactions. The data can be leveraged by other employees, and also include any recordings of calls between the company and the customers. This allows you to offer a pristine approach to customer service. While Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great starting point to managing customer relations, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

How has your company been utilizing a CRM tool to build customer relationships? Have you tried using the tool to also build relationships with your employees and to increase productivity and coaching?

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