Recently, Microsoft announced their new range of mobile clients for Microsoft® Lync® 2013. Cisco also continues their push to enable a mobile workforce with constant improvements in their Jabber line of products. The mantra is "work anywhere from any device."

The increased mobility of sales and customer service teams poses some challenges to users of CRM. When you are communicating from airports, coffeeshops, or from home, how do you ensure that records of the communications end up in your CRM. There are a few manual processes that can help. These include:

Infortel® CRM Infuze is an ideal solution to help out the mobile sales and customer service worker. With Infortel CRM Infuze, a record of each call is automatically entered into Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Once in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the system matches the record to existing accounts, contacts, or leads. By using Infortel CRM Infuze, your mobile worker will be able to log each activity directly and CRM and, if desired, add additional notes. No notebooks, no call logs, no effort! 

Have you considered how the new world of mobility will effect your CRM system? We have.