Are Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Notes Enough without Recorded Calls?

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With Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, you can add notes to your customer call records. This is a great feature, but often times will fall short of employee needs. By incorporating Voice & Video recordings, you can better understand customer needs.

Challenge: Reps can take notes on each contact within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but don’t have the actual call available for reference later on.
Problem: They have to rely on the notes, and memories, which can be misinforming at times.
Solution: Using Infortel® CRM Infuze™, they are able to access a database in which reps can take notes on each call/contact, but are also given a link to the actual recorded call from directly within the contact.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has paved the way for how companies interact with customers. Having the ability to create notations that are directly linked to a customer's file allows for a greater sense of understanding on each individual customer’s case. But what happens when notes aren’t enough?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM works in a way that allows reps to take and enter notes directly into the system. At any given time, this information can be visited in order to refresh their memory. But, as you can imagine, these notes only provide a bare-bones structure of the call (and can often times be misleading). Any information not captured in the notes can be lost forever. There is no permanent documentation of the call itself.

This poses a challenge, but has a simple solution. Through Infortel CRM Infuze, all calls have the option to be recorded and reviewed at any time. The calls are entered into a database, in which users can then assign the recording to a customer’s file. Because of this, users not only have access to any notes associated with a customer’s entry, but can also retrieve any and all calls linked to the customer’s files.

In short, the actual recorded call can now be referenced by anyone, at anytime, in conjunction with all notes added to the system. This is a trait that benefits more than just one department. Keeping your customers and their needs straight has never been easier. This unified front of notating customer information is changing the way reps interact with existing or future customers. By bridging this information, it ensures that your company can be servicing its clients at new levels.

How does your company currently handle this problem?
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