In the last part of our exploration on call recording, we dealt with a third industry that seemed outside the mold for typical call & video recording. Contact centers really are not the only entities that can benefit from recording.

Much to our surprise, the idea of call & video recording, and even call reporting, isn’t foreign to any specific industry. Recording a call for quality purposes has advantageous functions across the board. As discussed earlier, call & video recording can be leveraged successfully in industries ranging from churches to schools.

Adding to this, another example of call recording outside the contact center is in the medical field. Many pharmacies are recording calls for a number of purposes. You may not realize it, but each pharmacy is essentially a mini call center. 

They take calls from doctors and patients. All of the traditional reasons contact centers use recording still apply. They want to monitor calls, coach employees, and adhere to compliance regulations

With pharmacies, however, there is an additional reason. Doctors will often call-in prescriptions. By documenting these calls, pharmacies can protect themselves from potential malpractice suits.

So, keep your ears open. The next time you hear “this call may be recorded…” may be in the last place you’d expect.