Continuing on our segment of “Your Call May Be Recorded”, we wanted to delve deeper into the world of call recording, and how it can affect any industry segment. If you haven’t checked out our previous installment, read it here. The main focus of this piece is to illustrate the ways that call & video recording can be beneficial to a variety of industries, even those that may not seem to fit the normal user profile.

In recent engagement, I worked with an elementary school district. How is call recording used in a school?  As you know, schools continue to invest in safety for their staff and students.  Call & video recording can be leveraged to address these concerns.

With ISI’s unique on-demand recording, a school district can choose to save recordings of a threatening phone call. This can be used by the police and other agencies to address the threats.  Hospitals, government agencies, and law firms are using call recording for similar purposes. Overall, call & video recording has a place in almost every work environment.

Aside from integrating call recording to manage, track, and record potentially threatening calls, many universities utilize call recording as part of the admissions process. Has your school or school district started to use call & video recording yet?