Your call may be recorded for quality assurance. How many times have you heard this phrase when calling in for customer service? Call Recording has been in contact centers for many years. And still today, virtually all contact centers use it.

But that was then, and today is a different world. The call recording world is changing rapidly as it spreads into non-traditional contact center environments. It seems every place of business utilizes call recording to some capacity.

Recently, a church was interested in purchasing Call Recording from Verba Technologies.

A church? Yes, a church.

The benefit of call recording transcends industries, proving fruitful from call centers to churches. This particular church uses its phones for fundraising. They wanted to record the calls so they can coach their staff on more effective fundraising techniques.

Additionally, when a person makes a verbal commitment to donate, they want it recorded and documented. And they’re not alone. This is just one example of how call recording is being used in numerous types of companies and non-profit organizations.

What creative ways are you using call recording?