The practical applications of call & video recording for businesses have once again taken a step toward a broader audience. Verba Technologies, ISI’s partner for call & video recording, has added support for Cisco’s new MediaSense product.

The Verba-Cisco MediaSense Connection acts as a new way to record audio calls in a Cisco Unified Communication network. This connection allows for increased compatibility between product and solution.

Since MediaSense is a “media capture” solution, it lacks enterprise-level access control, media life-cycle management, scalability and other advanced features like PCI-DSS, screen capturing and more.                        

Keep in mind that Cisco MediaSense is an additional license for use. However, despite this extra cost, MediaSense is a valuable addition to a solution set, as it allows for integration where multiple solutions need access to the same recorded media. In this instance, MediaSense is a hub for those applications.

Together, Verba’s Call & Video Recording solution further brings unity to companies and their goals. Call & video recording are more readily available for businesses to incorporate. These solutions are geared toward increasing employee productivity, while allowing for greater transparency between management and workforce.

Have you incorporated Cisco MediaSense in your environment? Let us know how it is working for you!

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