If not adequately prepared for, compliance requests can be a mess. Things can get ugly quick, and costly quicker. Legal hold provides a solution to analyze and hold large amounts of conversation data…quickly and easily. But what of it?

Legal hold in Verba’s collaboration recording solution is built around the concept of labels. Labels can be used to categorize conversations according to any criteria, by anyone in the organization.

When legal hold is enabled as a label, any conversation with that label cannot be deleted from the system. To further protect the information, labeled conversations cannot be deleted by data retention policies.

Security wise, the label system is integrated with Verba’s access control system. Basically, this means that labels are visible across the enterprise, but cannot be removed by any single user that does not have the proper permissions. This protects the integrity of the conversation labeled as legal hold.

In order to manage labels, users can specify who can see, access, or edit the content. This allows multiple groups to access conversations under legal hold, but only as needed. The management of future conversations can be included in current legal holds by defining specific labeling rules.

Since the Verba collaboration recording system can be integrated with solutions for call accounting and reporting, as well as speech analytics, users can search through labeled conversations based on specific words, call durations, time, and groups.

Legal hold is a great feature to stay on the cusp of compliance, without having to worry about costly mistakes or time-consuming methods for data collection and retention.