The Growing Trend of Video in the Workplace

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When YouTube hit the internet in 2005, it changed the way we looked at video. In today’s world, video is a tool that not only allows individuals to capture special moments, but to communicate across a vast area. It is a practical tool that businesses can use to convey a message, a concept, or an idea. In today’s day and age, video has become a way for companies to handle business on a global scale.

Since video interactions are becoming a more frequent means of collaboration, there is a growing need to regulate any business conducted through this method. A variety of industries—including healthcare, government, education, and finance—currently depend on video as an extension of their business operations. The more practical use involves recording video conferences for future playback and distance training/coaching.

However, for more high-level interactions between a company and a client, there may be compliance demands or government regulations enforced. Specifically in the financial services sector, rules such as Sarbanes Oxley and Dodd-Frank establish that all business dealings must be recorded. For phone calls, implementing a simple call recording solution is an easy way to stay compliant. But what about video interactions?

The same call recording solution can be leveraged to record video interactions. Recording these interactions allows a company to build an archive of communications. While some can be used for training, others can be stored in a secure database to be accessed if needed through basic search queries. Since the call & video recording solution is a collaborative one, companies can also use it for IM archiving.

The point is that as video becomes more common in the workplace, any interactions done over video should be archived and recorded. Have you considered the potential of recording video interactions for your company?

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