Recently, much of the country went through a series of strange weather events. Large snowfall followed by immediate bone-chilling cold.  In fact, here in Chicago, we even got a new name -- Chiberia. What was the cause? The Polar Vortex! Sounds scary, huh?

Due to the bitter cold and impassable roads, countless offices were closed. Thankfully, just because an office building is closed, does not mean that business stops. Like many others, I survived the cold by working from home.

How, you ask? Through Unified Communications!

With an Internet connection and a laptop, my workday was just the same as any other (except the kids were home from school making quite a ruckus). Many companies have made working from home an option to their employees. Through the wonder of UC, even contact center agents can work from home.

But what about industries with strict regulations pertaining to call recording and archiving? Can they still go about business as usual? Industry mandates don’t stop just because the weather is bad. Therefore, if it is necessary that a contact center allow its agents to work from home, then it is also necessary that all interactions still be captured. Luckily, a call recording solution exists that allows business to continue without interruption, even when employees work remotely.

The key is having a unique collaboration recording and reporting solution that can truly record ALL Unified Communications. Whether you are using Cisco Jabber or Microsoft Lync on a laptop or using Jabber or Lync clients on your cell phone or tablet, all calls continue to record, just as if you were in the office.

It is the perfect solution to empower mobile employees, adhere to any federal regulations, and go about work like normal (even if there is 2 feet of snow outside). Are you prepared for the next time your employees need to work from home?