Spotlight: Call & Video Recording in Healthcare

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Since we launched our partnership with Verba Technologies, we have learned a lot about Call & Immersive Video Recording. As this solution is viable for industries across the board, we thought it important to help organizations further identify the extraordinary benefits of this solution set. Without further adieu, we offer a spotlight into Voice & Immersive Video Recording for the healthcare industry.

Why Healthcare?

The healthcare industry, like many others, has a great and growing need for non-negotiable documentation. In many cases, not providing a full factual account or diagnosis can mean the difference between life and death. In response to this, many healthcare facilities are deploying a Voice and Immersive Video Recording solution in their workplaces. This allows workers the ability to record interactions with patients that, upon review, can provide unequivocal proof of what was and wasn't said in a conversation with a patient.

In conjunction with this, Voice and Video Recording also can eliminate the need to rely on notes and hearsay between ER personnel and inbound EMTs or patients. This poses an obvious benefit, as having a record of an ambulance call allows doctors and nurses to prepare for the arrival of the patient by replay the conversation word for word. The long-term benefit of this is a greater ability to save lives. 

From a business standpoint, Voice & Immersive Video Recording also supports the implementation of a Multi-level Security procedure. Users have the ability to prevent downloading recording and includes a Full Audit Trail of Activity feature that is attached to every voice and video recording. Since staying HIPPA compliant is of the utmost importance, we understand the value of creating an audit trail, fully capable of utilizing a multi-level security set-up.

The benefits of telemanagment exceeds beyond the healthcare industry. Has ISI helped your company in a different industry? Or, are you curious as to how ISI can? Let us know.
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