Safety. It can’t be stressed enough. Despite this, many schools struggle with security issues. These issues often start with a simple phone call, but can easily escalate quickly. Preventing these threats starts by detecting them early.

What can a school do to ensure the safety of staff and students?

Call recording offers an efficient approach to monitoring, archiving, and organizing inbound calls. These recordings act as a deterrent, and can be used to assist law enforcement professionals. While the recordings are kept under tight restriction, they can be made available at a later date.

The best part is how accurate call recording is for detecting threats on incoming calls. With the ability to have custom alarms, a school can create a system that archives and records specific calls. This alarm system is unique, as it allows a school to keep tabs on incoming phone numbers, and retrieve archived recordings in the same manner.

These recorded calls are kept safe, and under restricted access. This ensures that threatening or harassing calls are addressed right away, thereby dramatically reducing the likelihood of a threatening situation.

Has your school district considered the benefits of call recording? ISI has created a guide titled “Top 5 Reasons for Implementing Call & Video Recording in Schools”. Just follow the link below to download the guide for free.

If you have already implemented a call recording solution in a school environment, or are planning on implementing in the near future, let us know what motivated you to make the decision.
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