With each passing day, compliance becomes a deeper issue. Organizations find they have a deep need for preventing violations on a day-to-day basis, as well as ensuring all future conversations are covered. In order to adhere to the ever-evolving compliance demands, Verba 8 has released “Legal Hold” as part of a recent update for Collaboration Recording.

Let’s start with a basic overview of what legal hold is.

Legal hold is a key process for any organization involved in litigation or regulatory action. Specifically, it keeps all relevant information preserved. This data is safely archived, but can also be retrieved at short notice.

Legal hold brings a tremendous value for organizations. Practical uses include business disputes, employment matters, and personal injury cases. In order to do this, you need effective tools and resources in place to deal with such requests.

Despite this, many organizations are unprepared to respond to litigation, or provide information upon request. Law Practice Today ran a survey of more than 100 information technology managers at medium to large American corporations. A staggering six percent responded that they were confident in their ability to field electronic discovery requests.

Integrating a solution capable of legal hold allows organizations the flexibility to meet changing compliance demands. As part of this, users can manage access control, workflows, data retention, search/playback, manual and automatic labeling, and speech analytics.

The actual performance of deploying legal hold is a bit more complex, so stay tuned for part two of our series on legal holds for collaboration recording compliance.

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