Load Balancing for Microsoft Lync Recording

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Another exciting feature of the Verba recording system’s integration with Microsoft Lync is the ability to Load Balance. Much like the ability to implement Compliance Blocking for legal purposes, Load Balancing works directly with Lync’s Front End Servers to provide a dynamic solution.

At the center of this solution is an advanced routing intelligence filter. Essentially, this filter, which is installed on the Lync Front End servers, makes decisions about how each call should be recorded.

This provides users a Lync solution with increased scalability, streamlined redundancy, and minimal impact on overall network and Lync traffic.

For increased scalability, the recorded calls can be sent to as many Verba servers as necessary. Each server’s performance is added up, and the filter handles distributing the calls to create a balanced load for each.

Next, the filter focuses on redundancy. Since multiple recording servers are utilized, the loss of one server does not lead to a recording outage. Instead, the filter will watch all recorders and send recording traffic only to healthy servers. This ensures productivity can be maintained.

On top of that, Load Balancing also provides geographical routing. In particular, this will guarantee that calls are not traveling long distances to get recorded by proxy servers positioned far away. Calls will be automatically distributed to nearby recorders. This increases the overall grade of voice quality.

With Load Balancing, Lync users can be sure their call recording solution is working for them by improving their ability to handle servers, distribute calls evenly, and record them in the highest quality.

Read the full blog from Verba.

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