Learning has gone digital, and the classroom is no longer restricted to a brick and mortar establishment. In the past, a day of sickness meant a missed opportunity to learn. Extended illnesses and vacations can hamper the classroom experience and hold back a student’s learning potential. 

Incorporating recording into the classroom allows teachers to engage students digitally. The same call recording software used to detect threats in your school can also be used to turn classrooms into digital learning environments. 
Video recording in the classroom lets teachers create a digital archive of all lessons. These digital lessons can be stored in a repository, and made available for students to access from anywhere. Whether it be simply preparing for finals, or catching up on a lecture missed due to sickness, students can be kept in the loop. 

Enhanced study materials will make it easier for students to stay on pace with lesson plans. Discussions and presentations can be streamed live, making the digital learning experience seamless for anyone.

Has your school district considered the benefits of call recording? ISI has created a guide titled “Top 5 Reasons for Implementing Call & Video Recording in Schools”. Just follow the link below to download the guide for free.

If you have already implemented a call recording solution in a school environment, or are planning on implementing in the near future, let us know what motivated you to make the decision.
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