Since our partnership with Verba Technologies, we have learned a lot about Call & Video Recording. As this solution is viable for many industries, we thought it important to help organizations identify the extraordinary benefits of this integration, focusing specifically on silent monitoring.

What is Silent Monitoring?

Silent monitoring is a sure fire way to ensure employees are handling calls properly. In a world where service can make the difference in securing/maintaining a customer's allegiance, it's important to have the tools necessary to facilitate elite-level service. While Voice and Immersive Video Recording can benefit many areas, it's for this reason that one of the biggest draws is in the contact center environment is silent monitoring. 

For a supervisor, the ability to listen in on any Verba user's calls from a centralized web-based interface provides a level of Quality Control that is unparalleled. This helps create a positive customer experience while educating your staff on the finer points of servicing your direct niche. 

In fact, by providing high quality documentation for employee evaluations, you create a process to effectively coach and teach new representatives. This builds quality management and develops consistency within the training agenda that allows for new representatives to grasp what works and doesn't work during a support call. 

For this solution, all a supervisor must do is know which agents on the phone utilizing the Verba web console (unless contact center software is used). The supervisor then picks up a headset and dials a special number and extension of the phone. The three-party call is complete! The silent monitoring feature is built into CUCM and the supervisor can switch between agents with a quick click of the mouse.

Are you utilizing silent monitoring yet? If so, how has it impacted how your employees and customers interact? Let us know.