We are excited to announce our new MediaSense Investment Protection Program for Cisco® MediaSense® customers who are affected by Cisco’s recent MediaSense End-of-Life (EOL) announcement. The program provides a unique opportunity to convert existing Cisco MediaSense solutions to Verba in a cost-effective manner.

Cisco MediaSense End-of-Life announcement

On April 5, 2017, Cisco announced End-Of-Life (EOL) dates of the Cisco MediaSense call recording solution. The new announcement affects the latest Cisco MediaSense versions:

Both versions follow the same EOL schedule:

Previous versions of Cisco MediaSense are already past End of Sale.

Full MediaSense replacement (and then some)

Beyond the features Cisco MediaSense offered, the Verba solution provides many additional capabilities including but not limited to the following selection:

Additional recording capabilities

Additional archive capabilities

Additional end user capabilities

And one more thing…

On top of the above, the Verba platform comes with active compliance capabilities, which allows you to proactively enforce communication policies in your Cisco UC system. Control mechanisms includes: presence blocking, Instant Message disclaimers, session blocking and Instant Message content filtering.

Data Migration – Solved

Verba launched recording integration with Cisco MediaSense in the summer of 2012. New Verba users can use this built-in import capability to migrate existing Cisco MediaSense data to Verba.

You can quickly decommission your existing Cisco MediaSense system without losing your historical data in your new Verba environment.

Constant innovation

Since collaboration recording is our core business, we always focus on implementing innovations and improvements in the capabilities of the Verba solution.

Verba 8.9, released recently in January 2017, is the most significant update of our Cisco recording technology so far. We have added new features like:

What is your next step?

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