Employee productivity is a hot topic these days as employers’ expectations for output have grown tremendously over the years. Many organizations look to implement productivity tools, such as Microsoft Lync®, within their environments to provide their staff with a single platform to call, message, transfer files, and conference.

For this reason, ISI has partnered with Verba Technologies to offer companies an advanced solution that integrates call reporting with call & video recording. Recently, Verba has announced a breakthrough in call recording, specifically pertaining to Microsoft Lync.

From Verba’s Blog:
The Verba Recording System is the first recording solution that covers call, video and instant messages from Microsoft Lync. This creates the ultimate compliance recording environment, where documentation of Unified Communications happens in the network without any need for user interaction. After deploying Verba, Lync users can keep working just as they did before. There are no group conversation setups, no wait times. It just works.

The solution includes three major components:

• Verba Media Repository – stores all the collected communication details with media, provides secure web-based access and storage lifecycle management

• Verba Recording Server – this is essentially a server role that can be installed as a standalone server or even directly on Edge or Mediation servers to capture media

• Verba Lync Filter – this is our lightweight integration point with the Front End servers, collecting call details and instant messages

In a Verba-Lync recording solution, multiple Recording Servers and Filters can be deployed, providing a very flexible recording architecture. Since all components can be installed directly on Microsoft Lync servers, this solution fully supports cloud-based environments.Lync Voice, video, IM recording

This Verba solution supports audio and video codecs in Microsoft Lync 2013, which provides not only voice, but the complete video call/conference recording experience. Instant messages are also recorded and presented as the end-users have seen them.

This integrated solution is a must have for Microsoft Lync users. Not only can calls be recorded and used for training purposes or quality assurance, but they can be integrated with the leading call reporting solution on the market, Infortel® Select.

Click here to read the full blog post on Verba’s website.