Improving Facility Safety Utilizing Collaboration Recording

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Hospitals should be a safe place where patients and their families feel comfortable, even in uncertain times. Sadly, many healthcare facilities deal with unexpected situations, ranging from silly to serious. Because of this, virtually every hospital houses a public safety department.

For this reason, it is crucial to record all calls coming into or out of the facility. Doing so is smart from both a legal standpoint, and from a safety standpoint. Particularly for safety, the ability to replay calls is a critical component for investigative purposes.

Remember, the goal is to improve overall safety. Even though calls may be taken with caution, recording them for archiving purposes has ongoing benefits. They are accessible at a future date, and are kept secure through restricted access.

In case of more extreme events, such as threats against individuals or facilities, having a recording of the call can help not only in subsequent investigations, but also in real-time communication with the appropriate authorities.

Each interaction is properly monitored and handled accordingly. Nevertheless, safety extends beyond just that. All calls are also recorded and archived for legal reasons. This includes having a record to avoid potential litigation, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

The result of implementing a collaboration recording solution in a healthcare facility is increased safety from both physical threats, as well as potentially harmful legal or compliance issues.

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