Have you Developed a Corporate Memory?

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Every interaction between your workforce and your clients brings forth an opportunity to better develop a corporate identity. This identity helps mold a memory of all the business and interactions you have concluded. Knowing the “ins and outs” of your employees, clients, and workflow allows for a more concrete approach toward your goals. In order to accomplish this, many companies have turned to call recording.

Organizations have realized that call recording provides a real-time archive of their employee’s on-the-job communications. This is an untapped asset, as these archives are easily leveraged into creating a corporate memory that can be queried on-demand to retrieve call, video and instant message recordings.

Think about it like this: What would you do if you were unable to scavenge old emails?

It’s the same concept.

Taking this idea further, the corporate memory can be integrated with other business systems. Not only can call records be archived, but data from call reports and corporate directories can be archived as well. These can be infused with a CRM system in a way that will minimize the amount of time spent taking notes or recalling information. Everything is streamlined and readily available.

Your archive of corporate and customer information will be alive and accessible at any time. What steps has your company taken to develop a corporate memory?

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