Cisco Live has defined that tomorrow is here. An emphasis on the future, and how the Internet of Everything will play a role in connecting our lives, has been an on-going theme. Expanding on that, this year Cisco rolled out an interactive booth for Video Blogging.

The goal is to connect with every person in attendance. While this concept may seem grandiose, it doesn't veer from Cisco's current initiatives. By launching a dedicated booth with constant video feeds, Cisco offers users the opportunity to give feedback and comment on the show. All answers are recorded, and will be available to view on YouTube after the event. As Rebecca J. Jacoby, Cisco's CIO, says, "Feedback is a gift."

Including this level of interactivity keeps current with what CEO John Chambers and Chief Futurist Dave Evans both spoke on. The Internet is everything, everywhere. As Cisco continues to make strides to connect daily life with devices, they will further their role as industry leaders and innovators.

If you were in attendance at Cisco Live, did you get a chance to check out the Video booth? Let us know your thoughts!