ISI, in conjunction with Verba Technologies, is releasing an Instant Messaging (IM) Compliance Solution that any company can utilize for a compliant deployment of Cisco’s Jabber IM or Skype for Business.

Organizations in certain industries are governed by strict policies and regulations when deploying a corporate Instant Messaging solution across their enterprise. Compliance Solutions for collaboration recording provide the comprehensive systems for logging, archiving, and retrieving instant message interactions in their original form.

Safeguards are in place to support compliance teams. Fast search and analysis, audit trail, and security are easily demonstrable to any regulator in a timely manner. Users of this Compliance Solution can rely on features like selective recording of specific conversations, message insertion directly to the IM, automatic filtering and phrase based redaction, as well as compliance enforcement with the newly released Ethical Wall. With the Ethical Wall feature, rules can be put in place, which govern how various groups, or individual users, interact with each other. If, for instance, Group A should not be interacting with Group B, this feature will ensure that no interaction occurs over the corporate network. Additionally, the collaboration recording solution is able to record the conversation as it progresses from an IM to a Voice or Video Call, or even Telepresence, for a full audit trail of the conversation.

If your company is considering an enterprise deployment of IM, or already uses Jabber IM or Skype for Business, ISI has prepared an infographic guide that focuses on several key areas to examine to ensure proper compliance measures are set in place. The free infographic, “Evolving With Corporate IM Compliance Regulations”, is available on ISI’s website for download.

For more information on the IM Compliance Solution offered, click the download button below.