Verba’s Ethical Wall is a powerful application that proactively supports compliance with a comprehensive package of policy adherants that works on both Cisco® and Skype™ for Business frameworks. Ethical Wall works with Unified Communications platforms to provide control mechanisms for blocking sessions and presence, for filtering content, and attaching disclaimers.

Ethical Wall is useful for controlling and restricting communication within groups and for notifying stakeholders or users about violations. Organizations can use Ethical Wall to ensure compliance and avoid incompatibilities between private interests. Protectively, it offers the ability to enforce corporate policies and help in preventing data leakage. Some vertical markets using Ethical Walls include:

Ethical Wall supports companies with ‘up-front’ compliance via four preferred policy variants:

Ethical Wall works fast with extensive systems to ensure that end users will not experience apparent delays. The Ethical Wall engine processes rules quickly while basing decisions on your fully customized standards and policies. The web interface is user-friendly and illustrates compliance policies easily. In other words, Ethical Wall won’t slow you down while keeping your protections in place.

The worst time to think about compliance is after a costly incident has occurred. It is recommended to establish upfront protection and one of the first considerations should be a good software application that gives you full control and security concurrently.

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