Call recording is a fast trending topic for companies across the board. Because of this, there is an increasing demand for a solution that can meet a customer’s distinct requirements.

Call recording has grown to meet this demand. Specifically, the market for call recording has adjusted to satisfy certain technological and market shifts. One of these trends is the advent of video and telepresence compliance.

Since early 2008, video has been touted as the “next big thing” in the telecom industry. As of late, video recording has been gaining traction in healthcare, law enforcement and retail banking. With this increased utilization comes a demand for adequate compliance regulations.

Recording audio calls for compliance purposes is a long established practice. But, what many organizations don’t know is that video recording operates off the same equipment as call recording. Implementing a procedure for video compliance is extremely easy.

Verba Technologies has reported a recent swing in the demand for video recording solutions. Over the last year, requests for video recording solutions have increased. This is partly due to the need to archive and record telepresence interactions between departments, customers and clients.

As video becomes more of a mobile technology, more businesses are discovering unique ways to infuse this personal approach with the impersonal stigma often associated with technology.

How have you seen the need for video recording compliance growing in your industry?

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