Combine Whisper Coaching and Screen Capture to Provide Excellent Customer Service

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It has happened to all of us before. Whether it be calling a company to make a reservation, paying our credit card, or signing up for a service, it is inevitable that one come across an agent on the other side who complains that their computer is not working. However, in all likelihood, their computer works just fine. The real issue tends to be that the agent simply does not know how to properly operate the system that handles their contact center.

Many call recording companies address this issue by offering desktop screen capture, which is the ability to record desktop screens. The benefit of this solution is that, at a later point in time, a manager can listen to the agent’s calls and review how they used the system.

This method is ideal for a contact center, as it offers opportunities for coaching and training. Although this is certainly beneficial, it leaves much room for improvement. Simply reviewing calls at a later time is not nearly efficient enough.

In order to enhance coaching and training, an organization should be outfitted with a solution that offers real-time monitoring. This includes the monitoring of desktop screens, as well as Whisper Coaching for agents. Both of these solutions are available inside and outside of the contact center.

With Cisco Unified Communications, a manager can view agent desktops in real time, listen to the call, and talk to the agent on a one-way channel (Whisper Coaching) while the call is in progress. The manager can provide real-time assistance, thereby providing a better customer experience.

This grants the advantage of having a coach present, but not physically over the agent’s shoulder. Actually, they don’t even need to be in the same city. A manager in Texas can coach an agent in Omaha!

Are you offering real-time coaching to your contact center agents?
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Mitchell Weiss joined ISI in 1994. He holds a Bachelor's Degree Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Business Administration from the Stuart School of Business in Chicago.  He is an industry leader in all phases of managing Unified Communications.  At ISI, Mr. Weiss is responsible for the vision, strategy, and implementation of a suite of Unified Communications products including Voice and Video Recording, SIP Trunk Management, and Traffic Management.  Mr. Weiss also brings his knowledge of Cloud Computing to ISI, allowing the company to create new cloud based models for its software and services.

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