ISI is pleased to announce a new webinar from Mark McNeill, Vice President of Enterprise & Healthcare UC Solutions. The webinar, Collaboration, Communications & the Increased Risk of HIPAA Privacy Breaches, focuses on how sudden changes in modes of communication are contributing to HIPAA non-compliance in healthcare and what companies can and must do to avoid violations. The webinar takes place on Tuesday, October 4 at 11 am CST and registration is now open.

The webinar will expose how advanced collaboration tools provided to healthcare organizations can improve productivity, enhance patient care and reduce operating costs yet simultaneously increase the risk of HIPAA privacy breaches. Two case studies will be presented to demonstrate the benefits achieved by properly addressing these concerns.

McNeill will provide a thorough explanation of the types of collaboration platforms and tools that are available to healthcare providers and other covered entities, and the ways Protected Health Information (PHI) can be inadvertently shared to cause a breach of HIPAA rules. More importantly, the discussion will center on the means to mitigate these risks.

For more information on UC collaboration tools for voice, IM, video, file sharing and conferencing, and the potential for data breaches while on collaboration platforms, such as Skype for Business, or Cisco Jabber, register for the Collaboration, Communications & the Increased Risk of HIPAA Privacy Breaches webinar today.