For contact centers, functioning effectively and efficiently is a top priority. Monitoring and measuring agent productivity is critical. ISI and Verba’s Collaboration Recording Solution provides deep integration with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) to enrich all recorded customer interactions by receiving additional details on calls directly from UCCX.

Cisco recommends its UCCX solution for mid-market, enterprise branches, and corporate departments of up to 400 agents. As an organization grows, there are many quality assurance needs that may go overlooked. Recordings of calls, as well as details on calls, are needed for increased customer service levels.

While UCCX does provide some call reporting data, it doesn’t illustrate the full picture of customer interactions. In this manner, the Cisco solution may fit a contact center’s immediate needs, but with its scalability, it can be enhanced to fit users long-term goals.

Basically, the collaboration recording solution can be integrated with Cisco’s UCCX to enrich all the call details based on the meta-data available from each platform. This provides organizations with the ability to search for recorded calls and videos using variables available through both systems.

Moreover, with the Verba Recording System, integration comes built-in without extra charges. Recording applies not only to calls, but also agent screens, instant messages (IM), and video.

In addition, this integration also supplies:

This combined solution provides a full suite of enhancements for Cisco’s UCCX solution. 

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