One of the benefits of adding a call recording solution to your school is the ability to archive calls. Think of it as a library of digital records. All interactions, communications and calls going in and out of your school are saved in a secure database. 

Teachers, administrators, and other staff members will have peace of mind knowing that a log of threatening or harassing calls will be kept. Because of this, archived calls can be retrieved at a later time.

Beyond that, a digital call archive can be implemented with no additional hardware. The call recording system operates entirely through a software solution. That means you create a vast library of call recordings and don’t have to sacrifice space.

As the highlight of a digital call archive is the emphasis on safety, it is important to note that calls can be recorded on-demand, or the recording can be left always-on. This promotes a scalable solution to meet and exceed the demands of any school.

Has your school district considered the benefits of call recording? ISI has created a guide titled “Top 5 Reasons for Implementing Call & Video Recording in Schools”. Just follow the link below to download the guide for free.
If you have already implemented a call recording solution in a school environment, or are planning to implement in the near future, let us know what motivated you to make the decision.
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