Can Instant Messages be Monitored?

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Cisco has long utilized Silent Monitoring as a way for companies to improve an agent’s productivity on a voice call. The feature specifically allows managers to listen in as a conversation transpires. A byproduct of this is increased quality assurance and personalized training. Building on this, the ability to monitor IMs in real-time allows for similar improvements in those areas.

Many organizations allow their helpdesk to utilize instant messaging. Offering service this way is a surefire way to gain positive feedback from customers. That is why interactions over IM are growing in popularity. Questions, comments, or complaints can be addressed quickly, thereby increasing the efficiency of the helpdesk and decreasing ongoing customer issues.

From a management standpoint, the ability to monitor IM interactions between employees adds value to a collaboration recording solution. Many industries have specific requirements for compliance, so being able to capture these interactions works toward properly adhering to any mandates. Specifically for compliance, a manager has the ability to ensure nothing illegal is said during a conversation, and has archived proof of it.

Moreover, when a helpdesk agent interacts with a customer over IM, the manager can view the conversation as it unfolds. This allows him to assist the agent, if needed. It also gives a tangible starting point for training and coaching. Because the IM archive is searchable, monitored conversations can be accessed at a later time and used as an aid to coach other employees.

Collaboration recording provides users a scalable solution to utilize silent monitoring with their IM archiving initiatives. This approach offers a solution that can increase compliance and improve productivity and training.

Can you provide Silent Monitoring for your IM interactions? Let us know.

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