Over the last few years, mobile communication has evolved to mean quite a few different things. What was once thought of as a means to make phone calls on the run has turned into a command center for digital connections. Everything that a person could ever need to stay in contact fits nicely into their pocket. 

Piggybacking on this, many public spaces around the world offer interactive kiosks to assist patrons.

Interactive kiosks have a number of uses. From showing directions in malls to assisting with border control, kiosks directly affect daily life on a mobile scale. This technology applies to hospitals, schools, movie theaters, and DVD rental kiosks. 

But, whereas call recording has revolutionized the Unified Communication market, it has only recently been integrated with mobile kiosks. This solution has many powerful implications, and provides a self-service solution that can directly uplink video to experts for assistance, thereby satisfying security or compliance issues. 

Verba currently works with one customer in Asia who utilizes the Verba recording system to document video calls between kiosks at train stations and security centers. The highlight of this integrated system is the simplicity of it all. 

The kiosks use the Cisco Interactive Experience Client 4600 (Cisco IEC 4600) which is essentially a PC that “brings together touch-screen displays, web technologies, interactive multimedia and collaboration into an integrated solution.”

One of the modules in the software, a SIP-based video capable softphone, is used to automatically connect the user to a security center if assistance is required. The Verba solution captures every conversation and stores them in a searchable database along with any information the user might provide through the kiosk interface during the call.

Mobility is being redefined every day. With a future chock-full of new technologies, call & video recordings will continue to change the pace at which we interact with these technologies.