There are a few proven solutions for a company looking to improve the productivity of their workforce. The need for a call recording solution has grown immensely in the past few years. As businesses learn the true potential of utilizing call recordings to boost employee productivity, they are finding new, creative ways to utilize the software. One of the ways is through Whisper Coaching.

What is Whisper Coaching? To be straightforward, Whisper Coaching is merely a variation on Silent Monitoring in the Cisco environment. Someone using Whisper Coaching can expect to listen in on an ongoing phone conversation. This is the same as with Silent Monitoring.

The big difference with Whisper Coaching, however, is the ability to speak, as well as listen. The coaching party can talk to the agent on the phone without the customer hearing the conversation. This type of coaching opens a number of avenues to both management and the agent.

But how does this apply to day-to-day operations? Consider Whisper Coaching in the following real-life applications:

Notice that, with whisper coaching, you do not have to sit next to the employee to help, making the whole process less intrusive. This not only encourages the employee to perform better, but also reduces any reservations linked to micromanaging.

How would you use Whisper Coaching at your organization?

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