Communications is the heart of any enterprise. Unified Communications – the marriage of voice, video, and instant messaging is a major component of the communications efforts. But, how much do you really know about what is going on in your enterprise? Are you able to:

All these interactions contain a wealth of information about how an organization and its staff interact internally and externally. It’s not that companies don’t have enough data, it’s just that they have too much data to efficiently organize and analyze what it all means. So, how do you tap into that wealth of information? The answer is found in a comprehensive workforce optimization solution that consists of collaboration recording, speech analytics, and workforce management. With a collaboration recording and speech analytics systems, enterprises can start using the advanced big-data tools to analyze exactly what is happening in their organization.

Your grocery store tracks millions of data points from purchases to answer key business questions. By using Big Data, they can analyze these purchases to spot emerging trends and discover new opportunities. At ISI, we propose that a similar strategy can be applied to your Unified Communications. With speech analytics, you can quickly analyze all voice, video, and instant message calls to spot similar trends. Quickly spot, for example, mentions of specific competitors, and offer your customers competitive discounts. Discover trends in customer complaints before they boil to the surface and end up on social media channels. And, if they do end up on social media channels, you can be quickly notified that your organization was mentioned so that you can diffuse the situation before it builds negative traction. Find the language that can lead to customer churn.

Before the Big Data approach, companies were relying on word of mouth, random sampling, or post call reporting. With Big data, you can automatically analyze 100% of interactions from all Unified Communications channels to discover what is really happening. Do you know what is happening in YOUR enterprise?