The rise of threats to schools should not be overlooked. Reducing threats not only protects students, but it also helps lower the stress of learning in a dangerous environment. Because of this, certain state and local governments have mandated that their schools implement a call recording solution to monitor and archive threatening calls.

By identifying threatening calls and obtaining a recording, schools can assist enforcement professionals in their efforts to prevent the escalation of potentially hostile situations. This same theory applies threats posed from internal staff.

Currently, this legislation only applies to the following states:

But, as call recording proves a viable resource for reducing threats, more and more states will be added to the list. It is also important to note that with a call recording solution, all call data and information is only accessible by permission-based rules. Access is restricted, forbidding anyone not permitted from listening to the archives.

ISI has created a guide titled “Top 5 Reasons for Implementing Call & Video Recording in Schools”. Just follow the link below to download the guide for free.

If you have already implemented a call recording solution in a school environment, or are planning on implementing in the near future, let us know what motivated you to make the decision.

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