Are Radio Dispatch Transmissions Recordable?

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Just how powerful is ISI & Verba’s Collaboration Recording solution? Consider a recent integrated deployment for a large law enforcement project. This particular agency utilizes an IP-based real-time communications solution that connects multiple legacy and IP-based communication platforms into a single, unified system. In the short, the solution provides Communicator applications for dispatch command center radios.

The agency wanted to record their radio transmissions for compliance, quality assurance, and a multitude of other reasons. That is where Call Recording comes in to the picture.

The integration allows customers utilizing both solutions to extend their recording system, thereby adding the capability to record radio communications in their command and control centers. It’s perfect for any dispatch center.

Think about it. A police officer on duty in the field uses their radio to communicate with their command center. These radios use numerous channels that are pre-defined for various groups and purposes. This existing architecture mirrors that of a Verba Call Recording system, which inherently differentiates between the caller and the called party.

When the two solutions are integrated together, the Verba system separates and records the radio channels in the same manner it would a normal voice call. When a radio channel is terminated, the content is streamed to the Verba system. The channels are then identified and properly logged.

The whole process is quite amazing. Because radio ports are defined in Verba as regular extensions, all access control and record sharing policies can be used to provide secure access to radio recordings to the team. The system builds efficiency by creating separate recordings for various bursts of radio traffic. This improves storage while offering a timeline of communications.

Since records appear as regular media recordings in the Verba Recording System, all standard recording features are active. Silent monitoring, markers, comments, configurable data retention policies, export/import and transcoding capabilities are among the supported features.

For more detailed information on this integrated solution,  visit our partner’s blog.

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