Archiving Instant Messages in Mixed Scenarios

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Collaboration recording is more than merely the sum of its parts. Being able to record and archive voice, video, screen capture, and instant messages will provide a comprehensive look at customer interactions and employee productivity. Not having these elements available in one collaborative solution restricts the overall effectiveness of each separately.

A TRUE collaboration solution allows for recordings through a mixed scenario conversation. To put it simply, when an IM conversation is escalated to a voice or video call, each separate interaction is recorded and archived. There is no break in the conversation, as recording is initiated seamlessly. This provides a comprehensive picture of the entire conversation, regardless of the communication method being used.

From beginning to end, every point of interaction is captured, and archived into a unified repository. Perhaps an agent engages a customer via IM. This IM conversation will be archived, and searchable for future reference. When that same conversation is escalated to a call, a new recording is initiated for the call, which will be archived separately. The same goes for video calls.

Mixed scenario recording and archiving is truly representative of a collaboration solution. The goal is to capture all interactions from all possible angles. Having these interactions unified in one area promotes full collaboration. Each level of customer interaction becomes equally as important as the rest.

How do you currently handle recording of mixed communication methods? Let us know.
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