Why SaaS offers the Best Deployment Model for a Start Up Business

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment is quickly becoming choice du jour for deployments and for good reasons. Beyond deployments, SaaS is an outstanding business model for its ability to transform capital expenditure into operational expenditure by requiring no upfront capital. New organizations that choose this deployment model over on-premises deployments generally see an improvement on return on investment (ROI) as they realize the associated cost-savings of added efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In actuality, a company receives all of the same features of an on-premises solution with NONE of the associated upkeep. In direct opposition to the traditional on-premises model, where a server has to be built, then applications are installed, configured, and maintained, SaaS has been disruptive and transformative to Unified Communications (UC), in a good way.

There are a number of reasons why SaaS might be the better choice for an organization to deploy.

1. Lowered barrier to entry

An immediate way to lessen your initial expenditures is via a SaaS deployment. With SaaS residing in a shared or multitenant environment, hardware and software license costs are comparatively low allowing small and medium businesses (SMB) access to tools they otherwise would not be capable of accessing without a large outlay of cash. Further, as a lessee of the SaaS environment, maintenance is split across all lessees using that solution.

2. Reduced installation/integration time

This is pretty self-explanatory. Unlike the traditional on-premises deployment, with SaaS the application can be provisioned in the cloud and be up and running in no time. This lessens the time normally allotted for installation and configuration and removes all the associated issues that come with, and slow down software deployments.

3. The provider handles upgrades

Software comes with the caveat that it never stays the same. Software developers continue to create new versions even as one is released to the public. SaaS providers are responsible and take on the cost and effort of installing and upgrading the solutions as the new releases become available to customers.

4. Better adoption among employees

The amazing characteristic of the cloud and SaaS is how it enables a company to “test drive” a solution without a full commitment to buying. SaaS offerings allow companies the benefit of trying out a software’s functionality or a new release/update with a limited deployment for proof-of-concept testing. End-users can then determine if the features meet the businesses’ needs and fully deploy with the knowledge that end-users will adopt the technology once migration has occurred.

For a start-up business, SaaS is a credible alternative to a traditional on-premises software installation in the business environment. The days of building servers, installing applications and expensing all the costs up front are winding down. With SaaS, a start-up has the opportunity to take advantage of reduced costs, lowered times to install, easy scaling and integration, advance upgrades and testing.

ISI’s Infortel® Select offers the same flexibility with its SaaS and Advantage offerings as described above. Users receive the same great features and benefits as found in the on-premises application model. For those users that prefer the SaaS deployment model but do not have the resources internally or externally to manage the application, ISI’s Infortel Select Advantage is a great alternative as it offers a fully managed solution that includes a dedicated resource to configure, run reports, analyze data, and be the one-point contact for anything related to the Infortel Select application.

For more information about ISI’s Infortel Select SaaS and Advantage hosted solutions, download our brochure or contact us today.

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