How important is HIPAA certification? Many customers ask this question in reference to some of ISI’s solutions. In short, being certified by a third-party auditor is a valuable testament to the overall quality of ISI’s solutions. Even though the process is arduous, and the cost great, having a HIPAA compliant solution demonstrates an understanding of customer need.

Many respond to the inclusion of HIPAA compliance by saying, “What’s the big deal? It’s only telecom billing and reporting.” If this is your current view on the need for call reporting or telecom management, then you may need to rethink your position.

The HITECH Act clearly classifies patient identity as protected information. More specifically, patient phone numbers are considered protected information under this act. All incoming and outgoing communications between a healthcare facility and a patient must be strictly monitored.

Utilizing a HIPAA certified solution ensures that interactions are dealt with in a private manner. Not only are all interactions monitored for compliance, but all archives are kept private. Only those with specific authorization can retrieve details pertaining to calls.

On top of this, HIPAA certification applies to collaboration recording. All interactions via phone, IM, or video are recorded and archived with the same level of privacy. Again, this ensures compliance to any federal mandates, as well as adherence to all HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

Are you currently working with a HIPAA certified solution provider, or are you taking a risk on compliance?