UC TODAY – Part 5: Speech Analytics - Analyze UC Content and Automate Quality Management 

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In the UC Today series finale, we take a look at the information available in the archives of your recorded conversations—whether voice, video, IM/Presence, or conferencing. Inside your storage banks is a wealth of information just waiting a thorough analysis to provide you business intelligence like never before. With actionable insights into how your company works, what your clients are saying, and ways to empower your employees, your business can thrive.

In part four, we explained the necessity for recording and archiving your collaboration interactions especially in the instances of regulated industries for purposes of compliance and legalities. But for contact center environments, Speech Analytics is a true treasure trove. Looking at the recorded output of your employee to client interactions will uncover vital information and has many benefits, including:

  • Improved client experience
  • Ability to evaluate employee performance
  • Coaching opportunities to improve service quality
  • Cost cutting intiatives
  • Employee empowerment
  • Potential to increase revenue with opportunities to upsell
  • Lower attrition in clients and employees
  • Tracking of competitor mentions or sales objections
  • Ability to ensure corporate or regulatory compliance

The combination of Collaboration Recording with Quality Management, and Speech Analytics creates a comprehensive UC management solution with sophisticated search abilities for employee-to-employee or employee-to-client collaborations.

Speech analysis allows you to uncover intentions and sentiments, in turn saving time and resources. Contact center supervisors can focus on the meaningful calls that indicate particular outcome relevance, such as the opportunity to coach an agent through an upsell. The content of a recorded call can be searched for critical keywords mentioned about customer demands, market trends, or competitive insight, to build reports detailing specific speech patterns and indicators.

Speech analysis makes it possible to find relevant information from millions of recordings and create rules to deliver that insight via alerts or reports. This intelligence provides a better understanding of customer desires and for purpose-driven training of your agents to meet customer needs. In fact, there is no shortage of scenarios where an organization can realize positive business outcomes from implementing such a solution. For example:

  • Agent Evaluations – ensure procedural adherence, brand messaging; spot inappropriate or non-compliant language.
  • Voice of Customer – find phrases that indicate customer satisfaction, competitor mentions, or requests for refunds.
  • Sales Performance – define sales strategy based on customer responses, identify best practices.

Speech Analytics is the key to moving beyond simple call monitoring within the contact center, to adding the ability to track interactions, identify broken processes, reduce average handle time, and improve first call resolution. Speech Analytics is an investment the contact center can benefit from many times over just by allowing your business to not only hear but to act on the voice of your customers.

The Last Word

We began the UC Today series preparing you for the idea (and possible addition) of moving towards a Unified Communications environment and managing it properly to realize the greatest return on your investment. We explained the necessity for certain evaluations, including an assessment of your current communications environment. With this information you could decipher any real need for a UC platform, and if needed, know what requirements your business has currently in order to deploy your platform successfully. We explained why a Traffic Analysis is so crucial to the process and the information it divines. With a detailed look into your consumption, the deployment of the platform should by all intents and purposes run smoothly because your bandwidth needs are well known. Knowing the benefits, and now fully prepped for the migration, you could comfortably deploy your new UC system. Of course, we encouraged the addition of a robust UC Reporting application with metrics and analytics for ongoing views into usage across the enterprise, post-deployment. This reporting application will keep your UC platform finely tuned to your overall network needs with a long-term look at your company’s usage, content and expenses. Aggregating your communications to a single platform has the power to offer control over communications for compliance, corporate policy enforcement and more. Applications for Collaboration Recording provide a certain peace of mind with issues of security, such as mobility and BYOD. In the end, the ability to fully customize your platform to your policy needs develops a sense of security as well as business intelligence, and a Unified Communications platform equipped with powerful applications for employee management, Speech Analytics, and Collaboration Recording is the well-rounded UC solution most businesses need to survive as well as thrive in the world of UC today.

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