Perhaps a few years ago, the idea of adopting a hosted Unified Communications (UC) solution over an on-premise solution would have been challenging. The features of hosted solutions didn’t match up to those of on-premise based vendors. As we head into 2016 however, the idea is not nearly as daunting, with the gap having closed and hosted solutions having all the features and functions of their on-premise counterparts.

Although your budget is a great rationalization for choosing a hosted solution, these days many arguments exist beyond cost. When considering a cloud-based solution, look at other business reasons, such as ease of deployment, scalability, increased productivity, timely updates, and much more.

As for hosting, you can choose between managing the hosted solution (End User Managed Software as a Service) or a hosted and managed solution. Here are some business benefits for considering a hosted UC Reporting solution.

When you move UC to the cloud, you win back time, resources, and productivity. So, factor this into the total cost of ownership when comparing costs of on-premise software with hosted and managed services. Now that the cloud’s benefits and features have caught up to—or even surpassed—on-premise solutions, there’s no reason not to seriously consider the advantages.