ISI Telemanagement Solutions chose Feed My Starving Children ( as their winter charitable endeavor. FMSC has the mission to feed God's starving children hungry in body and spirit. ISI employees helped hand-pack meals for malnourished children to be sent by FMSC. ISI employees helped pack 75,816 meals. With the efforts of all the volunteers, 207 children will have meals for a year. FMSC partners with orphanages, schools, clinics, and feeding programs worldwide to end poverty. Over 70 countries have benefitted from FMSC’s charitable donations. Initiated by ISI’s TEM Director and Charitable Giving Committee Chair, Michelle Forney worked with the charity and ISI employees to organize a day of volunteering that took place in Schaumburg, IL. ISI is happy to volunteer and support FMSC with their noble mission to end poverty and provide food to the world’s starving children. For more information, visit

“It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.”

Nelson Mandela