The Omnichannel Consumer Experience in a Digital World

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The retail experience has evolved over the years. Before, you might see an ad in a newspaper or magazine to learn about a product or sale. You might wander by a store window and be enticed to check out what’s new. You might even call to see if the store still has that sale or can hold an item for you.

Welcome to the future! Additional modalities have created mobile accessibility. With a click of a mouse or tap of a button, you are transformed into an educated and informed consumer. In just a few minutes, you can find your product or service, learn about competitive pricing, and see consumer reviews. Whether you choose to go into a store, have your items delivered, or use a third-party application, the post-purchase experience counts the most. Have you ever tried to get a human on the phone to complain about a product or service? Many times, you are greeted by an auto-attendant and thrown into a virtual queue? Other times, you simply hear, “We are experiencing a higher than average call volume.” How long is too long? For a dissatisfied consumer, any hold time results in additional frustration.

Ensuring that your customers have a positive experience should be a priority for any organization. You can create a better experience for your consumers if you have visibility into the cause of the issue. If the consumer never gets an agent on the support line, having access to analytics showing Hold Times, Abandoned Calls, and Call Transfers would provide valuable insights into what your customers may be experiencing while trying to connect with your organization. A Hold Time is the amount of time a caller is waiting in the virtual phone queue. That time can vary based on the number of agents available to take on callers and the number of callers calling in. Abandoned Calls are when the contact is initiated, but the caller disconnects before getting a live agent. When consumers have been on hold for an unreasonable amount of time, they will hang up. In this day and age, consumers expect an efficient way of connecting with organizations and a prompt response to their inquiries. Their time is valuable, and a “longer than normal call volume” message is no longer acceptable. Call transfers occur when the call is routed to a different phone line or agent. When a consumer experiences the transfer by an automated system and is then placed on hold, this is not conducive to responding to their inquiries or building a long-lasting relationship. Having the proper Call Reporting application to gather business intelligence on caller activities is critical for any business that is serious about ensuring appropriate treatment of their customers and prospects. Such a simple solution can have drastic effects, yet so many organizations fail to understand how these small changes to their operations can have a positive experience that ensures building brand loyal consumers.

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