Billing calls back to users, contractors, or other departments is a tedious process. For those involved, it largely becomes a battle of patience. And in many instances, nobody wins. InfortelĀ® Select brings a heightened focus on billing back departments or tenants properly with invoice production.

In order to properly bill usage, Infortel Select charges variable and fixed telecom costs based upon actual usage, as opposed to a static percentage. With the most recent update of Infortel Select 10, any department, tenant, or contractor can easily be billed for their actual usage.

Call reporting works with the raw call data to distinguish the origin of each call. Using this information, individual reports are generated that detail the specifics of each tenant, thereby allowing the correct costs to be associated with the correct user.

The entire operation is streamlined, working to ensure call records match the tenant that made the call. This level of organization keeps all the information accurate. Moving forward, billing back can come with recommendations for lowering costs or increasing productivity.

Telecom traffic and data can be measured to supply users with an accurate depiction of cost and potential savings. Infortel Select 10 is the only call reporting solution that can organize and invigorate your business while correctly billing back tenants.