ISI is pleased to announce a fresh new look and feel to our Infortel® Select dashboard!


With upgrades to appearance and functionality, ISI propels this already robust UC reporting platform into a more intuitive and user-friendly space! Most noticeable is the clean, streamlined appearance to the dashboard. The new layout also provides a logical roadmap that is easy to navigate. The result is an open, airy, and light feel to the workspace.


Further enhancements include a responsive design that improves portability on your mobile devices* by right-sizing it to the device of your choice whether, mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Users will enjoy the added mobility and ability to monitor their work from the office space or any space at all.


Another particular benefit of the new streamlined appearance includes the option to create a customized dashboard. By adding system-provided gates, users have access to a multitude of features such as alarms, company information, favorite reports, and detailed call information, including handling activity, daily call stats, high-cost calls, and much more, at the click of a button. Upon launch, users can choose the date range, organization, and other data options on the gate, repositioning gates on the dashboard in order of importance. Users may quickly print a report of the gate or email gate information to co-workers. Further customize the gates to the necessary call information, add filters to show vital information, and be the master of a design that best suits your company needs.


Added features users can quickly access include:

Take a quick peak at our new interface by going to our announcement video. If you’d like to see more, let’s schedule a demo by clicking here or contact us for more information!

* Currently available for Android devices with iOS support coming soon.